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brandingCSbuttonFirst, What is Branding?

Well, a lot of firms say they do it…
And, it seems everyone has a different definition of branding.

After 23 years of “hands on” experience this is Innova’s Three Steps to Building a Strong and Successful Brand:

I. MESSAGING: Strong brands are derived through messaging support, strength in your value proposition, guiding principles and brand truths that help you deliver a promise. Your brand promise should also include what you provide that others cannot and define what your consumer appeal is. Consumer appeal is defined through creative tonality and a concise statement summing up your target audience, relative position, and point of difference benefit.

II. POSITIONING: A new branding initiative is a vital part of how you differentiate your brand in the marketplace. A brand is much more than a mark, it’s an overall perception of your organization. The consistent and creative applications in all phases of internal and external communications, and its consistent use is vital to the continued development of a strong corporate brand image through professional sales, marketing and communications materials.

III. CORE DESIGN ELEMENTS: Branding is the cornerstone of your marketing equity and is the sum total of your client’s experiences and perceptions. Your brand is the source of a promise to your clients. Strong brands help a company command a price premium, grow market share, reduce the cost of sales and become more competitive in the marketplace. Using core design elements that include logo/mark, tagline, typography, color palette and a specific visual identity system help your brand send a consistent and cohesive message. The core design elements and their usage allow for both easy recognition in the marketplace and flexibility for the brand to evolve.